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Calgary is a Canadian city where over a million people currently reside. In 2008 and 2009 the Calgary housing market was ebbing slightly due to troubled economic factors in other parts of the world. No one was in the market for buying a house at the time, and Calgary homes were no exception. As time has gone on, however, there has become an increased number of vacant residences, in real estate terms “inventory,” just lying around, while the price has begun to drop. As we move into a new year, the Calgary real estate market is starting to recover, more and more people are showing interest in the housing market, and it’s begun to recuperate some of its original life.


There are thousands of available houses in Calgary, a city that is once again showing signs of life after a troubled economic period. Thanks to new developments in virtually all sections of the city, as well as new jobs created by the government and the technology-related aspects of the economy at large, new life has been breathed into the city of Calgary.


Many know Calgary as one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, set on the edge of the Alberta prairies, just as they start turning into the Rocky Mountains. Calgary is known for combining the grace and elegance of a mountain town with the pulse and pace of a thriving metropolis. It’s also known for having a bit of a western flair, a style that Calgary has maintained for years, and celebrates each year in its world-renowned Calgary Stampede.


Calgary is a city that’s able to accommodate every style of life. With a river running through it, there are luxury estate properties on the Bow River, multiple-family units in the Northwest where a view of the mountains comes for a small price, huge penthouses and loft apartments downtown and even acreages on the city limits and outskirts. No matter what kind of life you want, Calgary can help you get there.


Recently there has been an increasing focus on young professionals, both in the far northwest, where redeveloped communities such as Bridgeland offer the maturity and warmth of a suburban environment while still being a walk away from the downtown core. While in the SE new condominiums are being built close to the Deerfoot Trail which takes ambitious workers to virtually any employment centre in the city.


If you’re looking to buy house Calgary, take some time to review Calgary’s many real estate listings. It’s a city of beauty and opportunity, with many excellent places to live.

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